The Author

Monsieur Baco is currently an individual project. As a music lover and an audiophile, I naturally fell for wine and spirits. After all, isn’t comparing the subtle differences between two interpretations of a single piece of classical music and comparing two expressions of a single grape or terroir the same mechanism? On top of that, music and alcohol share a common lexical field: we are talking about notes, attack, finale, structure…

Although I try to offer the most unbiased experience, I do have some bias you should be aware of:

  • I like pure spirits (with no sweeteners, no colouring, no filtration…).
  • Texture, complexity and value for money are my main criteria.
  • My nose is more sensitive than my palate.

Also, I am a native French speaker, so I apologise in advance if some Enlish translations lack fluency.

At your service,

Arthur Oliveira