Why this website?

Monsieur Baco is an independent (self-funded) amateur blog born from the observation that there is almost no information websites dealing with French spirits such as cognac, armagnac, calvados (among others). Generally speaking, finding information about a product is quite difficult in so far as you have to go to the producers’ or brands’ website if they have one or on dealers’ website. Most of the time, they are not up-to-date nor comprehensive nor unbiased…

Why “Monsieur Baco”?

The name of the blog comes from François Baco, a teacher who is known for creating Baco 22A, a hybrid grape stemming from Folle Blanche and Noah just after the Phylloxera crisis that hit French vineyards in the end of the 19th century. I also quite like this grape which can only be found in Armagnac.

The approach

The main purpose of the blog is to map the production of French spirits with technical sheets for estates and brands, interviews, tasting notes, in-depth articles, etc. in order to help the amateur choose wisely when purchasing a spirit.


Monsieur Baco is…

  • Modern: we aim to prove that those ancestral spirits, often disregarded in France, should have a place next to your whisky and rum bottles in your bar.
  • French: far from obvious given the fact that more than 90% of the production of some French spirits like cognac are exported. It is time to restore their standing on their homeland.
  • Transparent: the transparency and precision of information is a great deal to us. This requires us to avoid dependencies and offer an ad-free experience.

We hope that you’ll find here what you are looking for.